The 2010 MLB Playoffs

Written by Golden Ashby, Bauer’s Online Marketing & Social Media Manager

(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images North America)

The ultimate series to start in the 2010 MLB Playoffs will be in San Francisco, where the Wild Card winning Atlanta Braves will take on the National League Division West champs, the San Francisco Giants. The Giants will send last week’s Pitcher of the Week, Tim Lincecum who won back-to-back Cy Young Awards in the last two seasons. The Braves will answer with veteran right-hander Derek Lowe who has won his last five successive starts. Both of these teams have more emotion tied into their post-season hopes than any of the other match-ups which will make for some great baseball. What gives the Giants the ultimate edge is not their starting pitchers, but the dominance of their bullpen pitchers like Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson. But, this series is open to anybody.

While pre-planning for your exciting MLB Playoffs program, here are some important things to consider. If you are flying into San Francisco, it can be challenging for large groups to efficiently and cost effectively manage the transportation needs at San Francisco International Airport. In today’s heightened security environment, airport procedures change daily. The rules for greeting, white-zoning and courtyard pick-ups require professional services and assistance.  Let us make your experience headache free.  We will pick you up and take you to your hotel or directly to the game. We can also provide post-game transport to anywhere you wish to go.

If you live in San Francisco, you know how bad our parking can be, especially at AT&T Park. You can relax and let Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation take you to the game. You can choose from our remarkable fleet of 5 passenger limo SUV, 8-10 passenger stretch limousines, 10-14 passenger Sprinter limousines, 14-20 passenger SUV limousine, 20-23 passenger “Rock Star” party bus, shuttle buses, coaches, etc. Bauer’s leads by example, providing green transportation solutions with state-of-the-art hybrid luxury vehicles and all Wi-Fi equipped. This is a great way to enjoy both the pre and post game celebrations. You and your party do not have to worry about a thing except if your team is winning. Please call us at our 24-hour Dispatch 1-800-546-6688 with all of your transportation needs.

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