The Amazing Treasure Island Music Festival and Nike Woman’s Marathon Transportation Weekend

Written by Golden Ashby, Bauer’s Online Marketing & Social Media Manage

Bus Shuttle Commuter Transportation  San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley Napa Sonoma Valley We are very excited and proud to have completed a new transportation record last weekend. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation successfully transported over 20,000 people each day. We started and concluded our big transportation weekend with the Treasure Island Music Festival. Treasure Island is in the middle of San Francisco Bay, about half way across the Bay Bridge. It was very easy for us to chauffeur over 24,000 people to and from Treasure Island and the AT&T Ball Park parking lot. More than 12,000 attendees sold-out day one of the festival and Day 2 looked almost as packed. We were praised by many for skillfully getting the throngs on and off the island via fleets of shuttles and buses. Shorter, smaller and better-curated than almost any festival, Treasure Island has solidified its position as the Summer-ending concert for elite connoisseurs of modern music.

We were also very ecstatic to be the official transportation provider for the Nike Women’s Marathon on Sunday, October 17th.  This race was declared by many to be an amazing experience and left almost everybody involved with nothing but happy memories. Starting the race with the enchanting San Francisco scenery in the background, while surrounded by 20,000 other runners was a breathtaking experience for many. It was great to see all the great Nike apparel designed for women and produced especially for the race. A lot of participants felt that Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation did a great job, was very well organized and efficiently transported over 20,000 marathon participants.

Bus Shuttle Commuter Transportation  San Francisco Bay Area Silicon Valley Napa Sonoma Valley

The Treasure Island Music Festival and the Nike Woman’s Marathon both contain the types of positive energy that Bauer’s is proud to be part of! For over 20 years, Bauer’s has provided executive transportation for business travel and groups of all sizes and we look forward to doing the same for years to come. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation is leading the green initiative within the full service transportation industry while still maintaining comfort, convenience and elegance. Bauer’s is one of the largest private eco-green fleets in the country, providing intelligent transportation to their public, corporate, retail, and charter clients.

Bauer’s commitment is to lead by example, moving over 5,000 people every day with over 97% of the miles being green miles. You can contact us for your friendly and luxury transportation anytime at our sales center at 1-800-546-6688.

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