Solar Hybrid Bus: Bay Area Commuter

Written by Golden Ashby, Bauer’s Online Marketing & Social Media Manager,

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From using hybrid buses to saving carbon emissions and helping to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation is leading the way to help the environment, improve air quality, and help our country reach energy independence. Bauer’s has been using its solar hybrid bus fleet since January 2010 and the results have been great. In the winter time we were able to keep the buses warm and in the summer time cool even when the buses were not running.  Hence, were able to maintain a comfortable temperature for our riders while simultaneously complying with anti-idling laws and reducing the overall emission. This would not have been possible without the solar powered power system, that is, our solar hybrid bus.

California and more than 25 other states have recently passed laws that prohibit diesel vehicles from idling for more than five minutes. Our solar bus is one of the first buses on the market that enables transportation companies to comply with these strict anti-idling laws.  Our solar hybrid bus consists of four thin film solar panels that run the length of the bus and charge an on-board battery bank. When the bus engine is off, the batteries power the heat, air-conditioning and wireless connectivity equipment. All of this enables our solar hybrid bus to comply with the anti-idling laws and effectively fight air pollution without compromising passenger comfort.

Our eco-friendly, luxurious solar bus has customized first-class interior with leatherette seating and are equipped with personalized work stations that include:  free wi-fi, iPod hookups, power outlets and a desk. You can use the amenities to get some work done, catch up with your emails, or, you can relax and watch the news on our 8” and 12” flat screen monitors.

Every year U.S. public transportation use reduces our country’s carbon footprint by 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions and saves 4.2 billion gallons of gasoline. We love adding to this environmental cause, while differentiating ourselves from the others by making passenger transportation luxurious, eco-friendly and affordable. For all of your transportation needs, such as special events, commuting to work or winery tours, please call our sales department at 1-800-546-6688.

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