Bauer’s Transportation, the leader in Eco-Friendly transportation, is looking to hire veterans. Bauers is looking to join the battle to help veterans. It is typically difficult for veterans to make the transition from military service to the civilian labor force. A lot end up struggling under unemployment and as a result end up on the streets.
The current projection is 40 to 50 jobs per year that pay Median Income Salaries and Wages. These jobs will range from highly skilled mechanics and techs to driving positions.

The Bauer’s Chauffuer

By Darren Hickey

Bauer’ Intelligent Transportation currently are in need of Chauffeurs. The Chauffeurs employed at Bauer’s drive both retail and transit type routes.  The retail route transports passengers on chartered trips, sightseeing tours and works “on demand” or at the convenience of the groups they transport. The second type of route Bauer’s employees drive are the “transit” routes. These types of routes have predetermined stops on a schedule, and typically happen on a daily basis.

All of Bauer’s Chauffeurs routinely interact with customers, riders and or tour guides to make all trips comfortable, safe, and as informative as possible or necessary. Chauffeurs are directly responsible for making sure tours and routes stay on-time, ensuring the overall success of each trip. All of Bauer’s Chauffeurs act as customer service representatives, tour guides, program directors, and customer safety directors.

For more information on becoming a Chauffeur, please call Darren Hickey at:  415-522-1212 x 1005

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